Blogger Recognition Awards

As you can see, I was nomitated for The Blogger Recognition Awards!! psitsperi was the lovely human that nominated me, so make sure you visit her blog.

The rules of this award are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. Write a post to show your award
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  5. Select 15 other bloggers for this award
  6. Comment on each blog to let them know you nominated them and link to the post you created.

My story

Honestly, there’s not much of a story. I just felt like I needed somewhere to organise my thoughts, somewhere to talk about everything and anything without being judged and without the risks of having an actual paper diary (you know, the fear of anyone finding that you have one and reading it and laughing at you and telling everyone and they also laughing at you… is anyone else out of breath and shivering? No? Just me? Oh, okay,). Where was I? So, yeah, that’s why I decided to start a blog. 

My advise

This is hard for me, because I’m a noob, too, so I don’t think I can’t give any helpful tips, apart from the usual one: don’t be afraid to be yourself. It’s your blog and your content, and having x amount of followers doesn’t mean that you have to hide your wonderful personality!

(I know they were supposed to be two, but please have mercy on me… as I said, I’m still new to the community. And I’m too lazy to think of another one, but don’t tell anybody 😉)

And the Award goes to…

I seem to be failing every single instruction of this tag, and this isn’t going to be less.

The truth: As I keep repeating, I’m new to the community (really? I hadn’t noticed apart from the other ten times you said it!), so I still don’t know anyone from here. I feel terrible. How am I going to meet someone if I don’t talk to anyone? Please feel free to recommend your favourite blogs in the comments!

That’s it for today. Am I a failure? Probably. Will it stop  me from posting this rambling? Oh, hell no!

January 12, 2017

“Mercy” by Shawn Mendes

PS. Today wasn’t that bad actually. In PE we played some weird sport and this cute boy was in my team so he talked a bit to me! (I sound like a stupid teenager, I know, but you have to see him before you judge. He’s really handsome and smart and sporty and… and besides, he was wearing a black tracksuit that looked so good it had to be illegal. Seriously)



It’s the 8th of January and I’m already failing my New Year’s resolution. My only one: to write more.

I want to remember the things I do, and writing here is the best way to achieve that. I am not going to force myself to write everyday, because not everyday is memorable, but I have to try and write as much as I can.

That said, I don’t really have much to write about, apart from the fact that we are restarting school tomorrow. It’s going to be though. I mean, I was supposed to be asleep by now if I wanted to get my “beauty sleep”, but what can you do when you’re used to stay up until 3 am.

So I’m going to call it a night for today.

January 8, 2017

“Shape of you” by Ed Sheeran.

PS. I’m hopeful that 2017 is going to be, at least, better than 2016. For starters, Ed Sheeran has just released 2 new songs, so I’m grateful for that.

Dear Future Me...


Dear future me,

I don’t feel great today. 2016 is coming to an end, and with it, the 16th year of my life. Looking back on it, I wouldn’t say it has been the best year so far, not only worldwide (I mean, so many people have died, Trump has been elected president, the world is slowly dying and with it, we are, too), but also personally.

Here’s the thing: I have graduated from high school. I have changed schools, leaving the people I have known for more than 13 years behind.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret my decision. The last few years with them have not been good for me, but it’s a bittersweet feeling, knowing that they aren’t there anymore.

My new school is great. Due to the experiences with people in the past, I really didn’t feel like I would ever fit in anywhere, but I couldn’t be more wrong. The people there are so loving, so nice… That I feel that something is not right.

Are they really being friendly because they want to be my friends? Or are they just faking it, to get something from me? Do they really like me? Maybe is my (self-diagnosed) anxiety, or that I can’t trust people anymore, but there are days, like today, where I just don’t see the point anymore. Why keep trying? 

But I’m working on it, I really am. I’ve talked to my mum, we’re going to find a therapist. I have to stop wondering what is wrong with me, because I’m only part of the problem. I will be all right. 

December 12, 2016

“Rockabye” by Clean Bandit

About me · Uncategorized

Hello, Internet.

Alya. 16. Not good with people. Or life.

I have been thinking of starting a blog for a while now, so that’s why I’m here. I know blogs are kind of outdated these days, with YouTube and vloggers and everyone is Internet famous and stuff, but I just need somewhere to open myself and share my thoughts, not show my face.

And as a millennial that I am, of course I won’t do it on a diary. No! That’s lame. Nah, I much prefer the safety of the Internet, where I can say whatever I want and no one will care, after all, Trump has been elected president, hasn’t he?

Oops, I didn’t mean to get political so soon.

I like reading, drawing, eating, sleeping and singing. The usual, you know.

Well, that’s me I guess! Always messing up things since 2000, they say. no they don’t. Shut up. That’s also lame.

Read you next time. xx

Nov 16 2016